Montag, 28. Mai 2012

Hello to the world

Hello to everyone out there!This will be my first entry in english! I saw, that many people from other countries were reading my blog, that I decided to make a summary in english!
Well. The first idea to make an exchange year came last year from my mom. she told me about the son of her friend who wanna make a year like this. We went to the Jubi( a mess) and decided that I´ll travel with TASTE and CHI the american organisation. A long time nothing happened but in Janurary I got my host family!!! My host sister wrote me an E-mail and i was really happy to know that there is a family who really would like to show me their life! I will live in illinois near Saint Louis. I will have host mum and dad, two sisters(they are 16 an 18) 3 dogs and 2 cats :))
I´m already happy to have them! I called them 2 times and I also skyped with my host sister 2 times!
Now I´m sure its going to be a great year!
In march we had 3 preparing days in hannover. They were good too and I learned many new things about culture, lifestyle, food and everything you can think about!
Well, what happened than...
Yeah we were in Hannover 2 weeks ago to buy some presents for my host family! I hope they will like them.

Till the end I have to say
If you have any questions you can ask them and i will answer.
And it would be good if you could leave a comment to tell me what you like or not like about my blog, that I can make it better!

Love all of u ♥
Nina ( sorry for all the mistakes :D)

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